Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update on Un-Stash '09

I must say that the year of un-stashing of fabric was very successful! I did have to break down and buy a few yards of fabric and lining so mom could make me a dress, but that was unavoidable.

And, oh wait, I think I bought 2 yards of an adorable knit doggie print from someone else's destash. I didn't think I would do that well. Less than 10 yards purchased in a whole year, and most of it sewn up immediately!

I'm continuing on the un-stash indefinitely for now. Even though I'm 26 weeks pregnant with a baby girl, I haven't even felt the urge to shop for girly fabrics yet. Only time will tell if that will last. Over the past week I also went through most of my fabric stash and donated quite a bit that I know I will never want to use. Not much of a dent, but 2 small storage containers emptied! I believe I have 6 large tubs and 4 small tubs of fabric left. Probably at least 2.5 of the large tubs are all diaper-making fabrics, too, which I'm keeping around for a while, and should be able to sell when I quit making diapers.

I'll see if I can recall what I've sewn over the past year:
10 aprons (see last post)
2 tops for me
2 perpetual calendars (see inspiration here)
4 potholders (pattern here)
2 play mats (instructions here)
2 memory games (instructions here)
baby carrier (see 2 posts ago)

Not a whole lot, I guess!

What I would like to sew sometime soon:
2 or 3 more tops for me
clothes for the baby girl
more jammies for Henry
crib set for baby girl

I know this was a terribly boring post, but I figure no one else reads this blog but me, right?

Friday, September 18, 2009

10 Aprons!

Over at my favorite forum, I recently participated in a handmade items swap. Each participant made 10 of something, then sent it all in to the swap hostess. She then divvied up the gifts and sent the packages back to the participants. Very fun!

My creations were half-aprons all (or mostly) made from vintage fabrics. I really enjoyed the fun of imagining, then creating each one. But I am a bit tired of ironing tiny little hems. Maybe I'll pick a quicker pattern next time!

Here are the results:

This one's my fave! The yellow and blue look so good together!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Soft Structured Baby Carrier

This was a recent SSC I made for a swap. The shoulders and waistband are padded, and it attaches with clips. Think Ergo, but way cuter!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

D's hat, finished.

It's so soft and yummy, I might knit another one for myself. I love Malabrigo!

Here's the hat I knit for myself a couple of years ago from the same pattern. Very fun and pink!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lacking in motivation

But full of inspiration. I don't want to actually sit down and work on anything, but I keep coming up with new ideas for things I need to create. This is a chronic thing with me. I have lists and lists of ideas of things to make, but so few of them ever become reality. 

I do have a couple of knitting WIPs:
the Weasley sweater for Henry

Since I'm so boring lately, I suppose I could post a project finished before the holidays. 
Here are some custom longies made for a trade:

They are Sheepy Pants (custom sizing) knit in "Autumn Berries" on Gaia Organic Merino Wool from Blackbird Baby Designs. I wasn't completely happy with the color pooling on the body area, but I never like color pooling. And if you notice in the second picture, I apparently had an issue in the middle of the right leg. I had my measurements wrong initially, so I had to lengthen them--I may have dropped a stitch or two, or my knitting was just a bit too tight on that row. (I didn't notice until I looked at the photos later.)

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Besides a fabric and fiber inventory, I'd like to make a list of the sewing patterns I own. I have quite a collection, and probably fewer that I have tried than not. I'm not officially putting a moratorium on pattern-buying at this point, but I definitely already have enough to keep me busy through the entire year of destashing.

So here's a partial list:

Diaper and cover patterns
Darling Diapers All-in-one*
Chloe Toes*
Little Starters*
Rita's Rump Pocket*
Mile High Monkeys Cover*
Stellar Transitions Trainers
Crescent Moon Yoga Pants*

Bag and purse patterns
dittypop's Run Mama Run Bag*
Wired Up Designs' Jenny Bag
Wired Up Designs' Eco-Shopper
Wired Up Designs' Knit & Go Girl (project bag*)
Amy Butler's frenchy bag*
Amy Butler's swing bag (well, missing the pattern pieces, that's a post in itself)
Amy Butler's laptop cover
Montessori by Hand Mischievous Gnome Messenger Bag
Favorite Things Lunch Bag
several by "the big 3" (2 or 3*)

Clothing and other stuff
AB anna tunic
Montessori by Hand Mei Tai Carrier
Montessori by Hand Emmeline Apron
Farbenmix unisex shirt
Abracadabra boys' clothing
Oliver + S Tea Party Playsuit
Oliver + S Bedtime Story Pajamas
Favorite Things Little Sleep Well (PJs)
Favorite Things Little Smarty Pants
Precious Patterns Vintage Style Booties
Sew Baby Terrific Teepees
several by "the big 3" (a few*)
pajamas (some*)
adult animal costumes (for Patrick*)
child costumes (some*)
children's hats
adult hats
1 quilt pattern
tree skirt pattern
apron patterns
home decor patterns

Plus 8 issues of Ottobre.

And books! Don't forget the books!
Kwik Sew Sewing for Toddlers (t-shirts, knit pants*)
Amy Butler's In Stitches (clutch*)
AB little stitches for little ones

Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing (tote, aprons*)
Built By Wendy's Sew U
Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing (clutch*)
Joelle Hoverson's Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts
Jocelyn Worrall's Simple Gifts to Stitch
Linen Crafts
Everything for Baby

*patterns I've used.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Spoke too soon.

I finished the hat. And a small clutch, which fulfills one of my to-dos. It's pretty small, though, so only about 1/4 yard of fabric used up. But it's super cute.

It's a bit difficult to tell from this photo (crummy flash and all), but that's a vintage mother-of-pearl button, from the Ma Bill collection.

The inner--I actually remembered to sew on the label before I finished the whole project. It's so much easier that way!